Kettleman City Canvass

Kettleman City Issue Contact List Brochure

 Kettleman City Canvass – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will be conducting these interviews?

Interviews will be conducted by Public Health Institute staff.

We will ask you questions about your experience living in Kettleman City. You will have the opportunity to give us feedback on living in Kettleman City.

  • How long will the interview take?

Depending on your answers the interview will take about 15 minutes to complete.

  • Are there any risks with this interview?

You may experience some nervousness talking about your personal experiences. If you feel uncomfortable answering a question please let the interviewer know so they can move to the next question.

  • When will these interviews take place?

We will be visiting the residents of Kettleman City Wednesday April 5th through Saturday April 8th 2017. 

  • Who is funding the project?

Based on the recommendations of the Kings County Local Assessment Committee (LAC), Chemical Waste Management, Inc. (CWMI) was required to provide funds for a community health survey of Kettleman City residents to address community concerns regarding a high incidence of birth defects and cancer. Kings County Department of Public Health posted a request for applications, and the Public Health Institute was selected as the agency to conduct this survey after a competitive bidding process. We have had no communication with ChemWaste and they have not influenced this survey or our methods in any way. This is different than the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) settlement that was announced last September.

  • What do I get from participating?

People who choose to complete an interview will not be paid, however, some residents may see benefits in having a venue such as this interview to voice concerns, highlight community strengths, and provide feedback to the county health department.

  • How was my household selected for this interview?

We are reaching out to all households in Kettleman City to give them the opportunity to share their thoughts with us. We will approach each household at least three times to see if anyone is interested in completing an interview. 

  • Is this a part of the administrative civil rights complaint filed with the federal Environmental Protection Agency?

No. This project is separate from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) settlement that was announced last September.

For questions or concerns about the Kettleman City Canvass,

please call: (559) 406-9688 Or by e-mail at: