My Strengths

MyStrength Evaluation

Aim: The aim of this evaluation is to explore how graduates of MyStrength Clubs in Monterey County are acting on what they have learned. Follow-up with club members after high school graduation can provide insight into the program’s intended outcomes. In-depth qualitative interviews  are planned with up to eight former club members who are graduates of Marina and Gonzalez high schools.  The qualitative interviews will address the following questions:

  • What parts of MyStrength club participation still resonate?  What knowledge has been retained?
  • Are participants applying knowledge and skills learned in club to their current communities?
  • How are former club members connecting with their peers regarding sexual violence?  What messages are they sharing? How do they think the messages are received?

Analysis of existing program data:  Results from the in-depth interviews will be reviewed along with existing MyStrength program data, club pre/post-tests and school climate survey results, from the past three years. Both the pre/post tests and school climate survey data will be stripped of any personal identifiers (names, initials). Neither pre/post data nor school climate data will be linked to interview responses.

Confidentiality: Only selected PHI project staff, experienced with handling confidential and non-confidential data, will have access to data.  Names will not be associated with study results, which will be aggregated. Data associated with this study will be stored in password protected files on secure encrypted servers. Contact information will be stored in a separate password protected file and destroyed after completion of interviews and data analysis; by June 30, 2019.

 Funding: The funding for this research has been provided by The National Network of Public Health Institutes through a contract with the US Centers for Disease Control. The research is led by Dr. Marta Induni  ( and Ms. Nicole Lordi (