Our interviewers and researchers go into the field to collect data in personiPad Survey instrument using light-weight, battery powered iPad tablets.

  • Data is transmitted and stored using industry standard encryption
  • NOT A CLOUD SERVICE – Your data is only stored on our server, which is then purged at the end of the contract
  • Data is synchronized and removed from the tablet

Multiple types of answer field options are available, including:

  • single selection from menu
  • multiple selection from menu
  • enter number/date/currency
  • enter text
  • take a picture
  • get signature

For clients that prefer to collect data themselves, SRG can program the tablets, train your data collectors, and securely store your collected data. At the end of the project period, let us provide you with a clean dataset in any format you prefer (xls, csv, SPSS, SAS, etc.)

Tablet Interview Screenshots

Interviewers can enter information via the on-screen keyboardEntry of a yes or no questionEntry of a multiple choice questionInterviewers can add comments or notesEnd the interview and record data