Research Program Director

Marta Induni, Ph.D., is the Research Program Director of the Survey Research Group (SRG) at PHI. With more than 25 years of survey research experience, Dr. Induni has served as the coordinator of many state and national surveys, including the California Behavioral Risk Factor Survey, the California Women’s Health Survey, and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Working with a wide variety of collaborators, Dr. Induni has served as the data director and administrative project manager for population-based and multiple case-control studies, such as food-borne disease outbreaks, immunization coverage, and cancer studies. Dr. Induni earned her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from UC Davis, where she studied health behavior change theory, prevention and intervention programs for adolescents, and testing and measurement techniques. A native Argentinian, Dr. Induni is fluent in Spanish and an aficionado of all things Frida Kahlo. She currently stays busy with a young puppy and her two daughters’ budding acting careers.

 R. Garrow


Program Manager

Rebecca Garrow serves as the program manager for the Survey Research Group and Cancer Registry of Greater California, and is the lead evaluator for a California tribal health program community health outreach effort. She has extensive experience with PHI overseeing statewide nutrition education and physical activity promotion campaigns for ethnic minorities. Prior to joining PHI, she worked as a public health researcher and program coordinator for San Diego State University and the California Rural Indian Health Board. Rebecca holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health with an emphasis in health promotion and behavioral science from San Diego State University and a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from the University of California, Davis. In her free time, Rebecca serves as the Vice President of the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates Board of Directors. She enjoys a stellar cup of coffee, playing basketball, hiking, and riding her bike to explore new restaurants and breweries in the Sacramento area.



Principal Investigator / Senior Research Scientist

Suzanne Ryan-Ibarra, PhD, MPH, is a Principal Investigator and Senior Research Scientist at Survey Research Group, a program of the Public Health Institute. She has more than 10 years of experience in public health, particularly in obesity prevention, program evaluation, population health, and epidemiology. Her expertise includes study design, data collection, and data analysis for qualitative and quantitative methods. She is currently a Co-Investigator for multiple research and evaluation projects based throughout the nation that focus on evaluating the economic and health impacts of community-based obesity prevention interventions, including SNAP-Ed programs. In addition, she is currently a Co-Investigator on a multi-year evaluation of the California Accountable Communities for Health Accelerator Sites initiative, and a Co-Investigator on a multi-year study to examine the impact of the Berkeley, CA sugar-sweetened beverage tax on population nutrition and retail behavior.

Dr. Ryan-Ibarra is especially interested in program evaluation and research on obesity, nutrition, and physical activity which will inform public health programs and policies. Before working as a researcher, she led public health interventions with the US Peace Corps in Ecuador and the Alameda County Community Food Bank in California. Dr. Ryan-Ibarra received her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of California, Davis, and her MPH in Community Health Education from San Francisco State University. Her dissertation measured the impact of public policies on sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and purchases in California. She is a fluent Spanish speaker. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world and hiking in America’s National Parks with her husband.


Kyli G.


Research Scientist I

Kyli Gallington joined SRG and the Center for Wellness and Nutrition in 2016. In her role as Research Scientist I, she coordinates the research and evaluation of direct education and policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) change nutrition interventions. Her research interests include nutrition, social and behavioral determinants that impact diet-related disease, and the evaluation of PSE and direct education interventions among food insecure populations. Prior to joining PHI, Kyli served as the Program Evaluator for Alameda County Community Food Bank, where she oversaw organization-wide evaluation strategies to increase access to healthy food, provide quality nutrition services, and improve service provision within the Food, Agencies, and Nutrition Services department. Previously, she oversaw program evaluation and management of direct services for the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. Kyli has presented her program evaluation strategies for food insecurity programs at state and national conferences.

In 2016, Kyli earned her Master’s degree in Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley. In 2011, she graduated magna cum laude from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, painting, jewelry-making, and traveling to new places with her spouse.



Administrative Coordinator/Spanish Translation Specialist

Translation Language Pairs

  • English>Spanish
  • Spanish>English

Maricsa Gutierrez has been a valued employee of the Public Health Institute for over 15 years. Maricsa has served in many capacities, but currently serves as the Administrative Coordinator for the Survey Research Group and the Cancer Registry of Greater California; both programs of the Public Health Institute. She coordinates and performs a wide variety of administrative and programmatic support activities including reviewing and composing Spanish translations, assisting with special projects, and providing fiscal and human resources support. Recently, Maricsa provided bilingual coordination and research support for focus group projects, including serving as moderator, logistics manager, bilingual note-taker, and translating focus group guides. In addition, she has experience conducting cognitive interviews in order to provide quality survey instruments that respondents will understand. Maricsa obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, with an emphasis in Public Relations from California State University, Sacramento in 2006. In June of 2018, Maricsa obtained her educational certificate in Translation (Spanish/English) from the University of California, San Diego Extension Program. Maricsa is also fluent and culturally competent in Spanish. An avid traveler and volunteer for several local pediatric cancer organizations, Maricsa currently keeps busy chasing her two young children, Abigail and Damian.



Research Project Assistant/Bilingual Survey Interviewer II – SRG Call Center

Lourdes Mejia has been with SRG for 13 years. As the most senior level call center staff, Lourdes is highly proficient in training, recruitment, monitoring interviews for quality control, pilot testing survey instruments, and coaching new employees. She has conducted over 30,000 (not a typo!) interviews in English and Spanish with adults and adolescents, including the CDC-funded BRFSS survey, the California Adult Tobacco Study, California Women’s Health Study, and the California Teen Eating, Exercise and Nutrition Survey (CalTEENs). Lourdes has the ability to stay calm under pressure, and her patience and cultural competency are especially on display during interview probes, refusal turnaround, and creating “safe spaces” for participants to share sensitive information. In her free time, she stays busy and thoroughly enjoys creating fun, exciting, and adventurous memories with her three daughters, Marissa, Victoria, and Andrea.



Research Project Assistant/Bilingual Survey Interviewer II – SRG Call Center

Albany Magallanes joined SRG in 2009. As one of the senior level call center staff, Albany helps train new employees to a comfortable level in which they can conduct interviews on their own, including coaching employees and monitoring data collection protocols to ensure accuracy, quality control, and linguistic competence. Albany organizes and prepares the daily call protocols for ongoing studies at SRG and distributes assignments to trained survey interviewers.

Albany has experience entering accurate data in a fast and timely manner, and assists in the design of electronic data collection tools and resources. She has conducted and/or monitored over 10,000 interviews in English and Spanish, and worked for several years on the CDC-funded BRFSS survey. Albany is a fast learner and is always excited to work on new projects. In her free time, Albany enjoys spending time with her two daughters, Julianna and Alexis; whether it be playing dolls or playing baseball in the rain. She loves nature and the outdoors in addition to watching a movie, snuggled on the couch with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee.



Research Project Assistant/Bilingual Survey Interviewer I – SRG Call Center

Rosa Garcia recently started with Survey Research Group as a bilingual survey interviewer. She has over fourteen years of customer service and data confidentiality responsibilities, including extensive administrative support experience in the medical field. She is fluent in Spanish, and is proficient in streamlining efficiency and formulating protocols to best fit diverse work projects at SRG. Rosa recently relocated to the Sacramento area from Portland, Oregon with her daughter, Josephine, to be closer to family. In her (very limited!) free time, Rosa pursues creative artistic outlets and crafting projects, and has volunteered for the Born Again Pit-Bull Rescue in Portland, Oregon as well as VOZ worker’s rights organization.



Research Project Assistant/Bilingual Survey Interviewer II – SRG Call Center 

Mayra Sandoval worked for the Survey Research Group Call Center from 2008-2013 as a Bilingual Survey Interviewer. She conducted interviews in English and Spanish with adults and adolescents, including the CDC-funded BRFSS survey, the California Adult Tobacco Study, California Women’s Health Study, and the California Teen Eating, Exercise and Nutrition Survey (CalTEENs).

In 2014 Mayra served as a Customer Care Senior Specialist for the California State Disbursement Unit for Child Support. She coordinated the Outreach team which assisted Employers in their conversion of remitting Child Support Payments from paper to an electronic payment. She helped train new employees on case reconciliations, outreach, and bilingual calling scripts, also serving as a communication liaison for multiple Child Support departments.

Mayra recently returned to the Survey Research Group as a Bilingual Interviewer II and Research Project Assistant. Mayra is excited for the different projects ahead. In her free time she stay’s busy with her son (who just started Kindergarten) and 10-month old daughter. She enjoy’s dancing (especially Salsa and Bachata), trying new foods, and cheering for her favorite football (Oakland Raiders) and fútbol soccer (FC Barcelona, Mexico and Chivas) teams.











Linguistic Consultant (Hmong)

Judy Vang, MSA, is a Research Program Administrator with the Survey Research Group and the Cancer Registry of Greater California. Ms. Vang holds a Master of Science in Accountancy and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. After obtaining her Master degree in 2015, Ms. Vang worked as an Auditor for a Big 4 public accounting firm before returning to the Public Health Institute in January 2017. Prior to her accounting and program administration career, Ms. Vang worked as a marketing professional for the California 5-A-Day Program/Network for a Healthy California/Center for Wellness and Nutrition, programs of the Public Health Institute, for almost ten years. In this capacity, Ms. Vang worked on several statewide nutrition education and physical activity promotion campaigns and oversaw a major translation project and cultural competency campaign for Hmong, Chinese, and Vietnamese Californians. Ms. Vang’s experience includes program management, financial management, budgeting and proposal development and is fluent in the Hmong language. Ms. Vang enjoys spending time with her family and friends, baking desserts from scratch, and planning detailed hour-by-hour vacation itinerary.







Linguistics Consultant (Dari, Pashto, and Urdu) 

Rohela Jalali has served as a Grants and Contracts Specialist with the Public Health Institute March 2017. She completed her Dual Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Golden Gate University, San Francisco through the Fulbright Scholarship Program. Rohela also holds an Executive MBA in Project Management from Preston University in Pakistan. Prior to pursing her MBA, Rohela served as the Finance Director for HealthNetTPO in Kabul, Afghanistan, a Dutch aid agency that works on health issues in areas disrupted by war or disasters. Rohela has more than 10 years of experience in financial management, budgeting, and proposal development with public health programs, and is fluent in the Dari, Pashto, and Urdu languages. She enjoys volunteering for non-profits that work towards educating and empowering vulnerable girls in war-torn countries, such as Afghanistan and loves to spend her free time with her husband, family, and friends.

M. Zuniga


Linguistics Consultant (Spanish)

Maritza Zuniga has been with PHI for over 13 years, working for both the Survey Research Group and the Cancer Registry of Greater California. Her experience includes conducting telephone surveys in both English and Spanish and as monitoring and supervising staff for quality control, training, and technical assistance in remote and in-person data collection. Ms. Zuniga continues to help support research activities such as cleaning data, preparing reports and documentation, conducting quality control, and translating questionnaires from English to Spanish. Additional tasks were assisting with programming and testing surveys using CATI software.

Current, Ms. Zuniga works as a Data Collections Specialist for CRGC. In this capacity, she analyzes and codes pathology and morbidity reports for cancer cases in California, as well as conducting casefinding at independent pathology laboratories and hospitals. She is proficient in handling multiple electronic and paper documents containing sensitive and protected health information in a HIPPA-compliant manner. Ms. Zuniga obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Sacramento in 2006. In her free time, Maritza loves to cook (specializing in delicious Mexican cuisine) and watching fútbol (soccer) with her friends and family. Go FC Barcelona!

Raley Do


Linguistics Consultant (Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt)

Raley Do has been with the Cancer Registry of Greater California, a program of the Public Institute, since 2011. She became a Certified Tumor Registrar in 2013 and in this capacity works on data collection, casefinding, and the abstraction of cancer reports in California. She has extensive knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, and International Classification of Disease (ICD) codes. Raley is fluent in Vietnamese, and previously worked as a bilingual telephone support agent for a health insurance organization. Known for being outgoing and talkative, Raley loves spending time with friends and family, and is a passionate San Francisco 49er fan and foodie.

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