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An experienced staff of bilingual and multilingual interviewers are rigorously trained to collect accurate, high-quality data on a variety of topics. Interviews are conducted using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software.

Most Complete Response – No Predictive Dialing

At SRG, we understand the importance of your data collection project.  To maximize response rates, our interviewers call respondents individually, without the use of a predictive dialing engine. This eliminates any pause or delay in the call, and helps respondents understand the importance of the survey they are participating in.

Customized Data Collection

Our sophisticated CATI software allows for:

  • Complex skip patterns
  • Sample Tracking and Management
  • Sample Randomization
  • Data Encryption for handling confidential sampling lists
  • Complex quota management for hard-to-reach populations
  • Live sample reports, accessible by secure VPN
  • Remote call monitoring / screen monitoring
Flexible Calling Protocols

SRG is dedicated to meeting all of your project objectives and we understand this can include complex contact protocols.  By leveraging our flexible in-house call processing software, any contact protocol can be implemented.


SRG has a multi-station, California-based, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) lab.

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All interviewing staff are fluent in both English and Spanish, allowing interviewers to immediately switch to the preferred language while the respondent is on the line. Additionally, SRG has the capacity to conduct interviews in:

  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Vietnamese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • other languages as needed
Our CATI features
Custom Caller-ID
Your project will utilize custom Caller-ID information that displays on  the respondent’s telephone.1 Additionally, custom Caller-ID information can be generated based on other factors  (survey version, interviewer, etc.).  Callbacks will be answered with a greeting appropriate for your project. Please contact SRG staff for more information about increasing your response rate with this feature.
Customized Call Outcome Reports – On Demand
SRG can create customized call outcome reports, which give detailed information about individual or aggregate sample performance. These reports can be delivered on a recurring basis, or made available for instant access through secure VPN. Customers appreciate these real-time reports as they are able to monitor progress at any time.
Project-specific Training
All SRG projects include project-specific training and testing, to ensure consistency and accuracy in data collection. Direct interviewer training consists of a complete review of all interviewing questions and skip pattern logic. Daily interviewer meetings provide a forum for questions and clarifications. Customized screens allow for question-specific instructions to interviewers, including possible probes and scripts for reluctant participants.
Complex Quota Management
SRG has expertise in meeting data collection goals for certain groups, such as hard-to-reach populations. The quota management component of our CATI software is highly flexible and capable of managing multiple quotas simultaneously.
Data Quality Control
Live Call Monitoring
Audio and visual monitoring is performed live by SRG’s experienced quality control staff.  If questionnaire administration or entry errors are observed, the data is immediately corrected, and additional training is provided to the interviewer.
Remote Call Monitoring
The live call monitoring capabilities are extended to clients, from the convenience of their home or office. SRG has the capability to allow you to directly monitor your projects at any point during data collection.
Call Recording Capability
SRG’s interviewing system supports audio recording of all interviews.

1. Name displayed on Caller-ID for landline phones is dependent upon the respondent’s phone company, Caller-ID plan, and other factors. Custom Caller-ID number display is supported on all phone services.

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