Present a survey via the web on a Smartphone:Reach participants who do not use a computerReach participants who prefer to use their smartphoneReach participants with little time to answer a survey on their computerReach participants through someone else’s smartphoneRecruit using one (or a combination) of various recruitment methods:Text MessagingTelephone callE-mailParticipants are tracked using a Token, which can be embedded in an email link, read over the phone, or sent in a text message.Survey data and their associated token can be kept completely separate from participant personal information, for security purposes.Web security:SRG web servers employ separation of data whenever possible to ensure the highest level of security for your data.SRG does not use cloud-based servers.SRG backups are encrypted using FIPS 140-2 compliant backup server, and are stored in a locked, secured, separate facility.SRG Mobile Surveys offer an innovative and cost-effective way to reach participants via smartphones and through text messaging.Free To End User (FTEU) Text Messaging provides cellphone-smsa unique way to directly reach study participants with smartphones.  The participant is not charged for the text message, and they are linked directly to a mobile web survey.Mobile Web SurveysSurveys can be completed at any location, at the convenience of the participant.Surveys do not utilize “cell phone minutes”Most surveys use only a slight amount of dataUnique controls allow smartphone data input in a convenient manner

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